Restless at home? Here are 7 pleasant activities you can do

A lot of us spend a lot more time within the house's four walls. This can give rise to a bit of restlessness, I know from experience, so here are 7 suggestions for what you can do to pass the time and enjoy yourself.


  1. Play games with yourself or your loved ones. Play a good old-fashioned board game or card game with your family or friends, or do a puzzle. Maybe a game of backgammon could make the day a little more fun? If you are alone, word games on the phone, such as Wordfeud or Wordconnect, can be a fun way to get some brain exercise.

  2. Home spa. It can be difficult to find time for a bit of self-pampering in a busy everyday life, so maybe these days, you should make time for a delicious foot bath, a face mask, or perhaps even a massage.

  3. Relax with the greens at home. How about giving your plants an extra loving hand during these times? Whether you have a garden or houseplants, this is an apparent time to provide them with some extra attention.

  4. Go for a walk or run. Fresh air is important, and as long as the authorities haven't asked us to refrain from walking or running outside, it's nice to get some exercise in nature.

  5. Netflix – home cinema with popcorn. For many, evening time equals good movies and TV series on various streaming services.

  6. Read, read, read. Is there anything better than immersing yourself in a good book on the sofa? I don't think so. I'm currently reading 12 Rules for Life- An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.

  7. Make a delicious meal - an easy, delicious, and quick dinner. If you lack ideas for dinner, I often make Spaghetti Bolognese. It is a sure winner at my house. It also really tastes terrific and is really delicious. Usually we eat the vegetables while the meat sauce simmers in the pot. Then I peel a large bowl of carrots and cut peppers, broccoli florets, cucumbers, and tomatoes - so it becomes a snack so that the vegetable depot is already well filled when dinner is served.


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