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The Story Behind MY COMFY WEAR

MY COMFY WEAR started as a Pinterest board; a vision of a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle that represents a life focused on serenity. I had a hard time locating the right items in the right quality, which is why I contacted a manufacturer. I ordered a small number of no-label items designed for my measurements and requested quality-focused material. It got a lot of attention on my Instagram. Per request, I started this site out. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I design the products myself and focus on products that emphasize longevity over momentary relevance.

MY COMFY WEAR is now a limited quantity brand that focuses on a quality-based, comfy and slow-paced lifestyle. In short, we produce limited comfy apparel that values quality in all the aspects where it matters. We combine slow-paced comfy living with apparel products focusing on high quality, fit, look, production, durability, and price. It’s the apparel brand that we have always been missing. Join MY COMFY CLUB to receive weekly news on how to optimize and destress your lifestyle.

- Anna Astrup


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