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Our Approach


Producing new garments isn't sustainable and we don't pretend that it is. First and foremost, we produce in limited quantities to avoid leftover inventory and waste. In a system where brands destroy billions of dollars of merchandise annually without batting an eye, we hope to affect this system more permanently. 

“We emphasize longevity over momentary relevance. We support a sustainable clothing industry. That is why ecology, recycling and high quality are important priorities for us”

“Cotton is not just cotton”

Sustainable production matters. The sustainable element must shine through in both the design, development, and production process. That is why I design the products myself and focus on products that emphasize longevity over momentary relevance. We are constantly working to optimize the life cycle of our products. Our goal is to create textiles that last and clothes that last. After all, it is the use of clothing that makes it sustainable.

Cotton is everywhere. You have cotton on your body every day. You work in cotton, you train in cotton, and you sleep in cotton. However, few people think about where the cotton comes from and how it is produced.

According to the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, conventional cotton is filled with pesticides and contains toxic dyes that can be absorbed by the skin. In the production of organic cotton, on the other hand, pesticides are banned, and cotton cultivation emits up to 94% less greenhouse gas. At MY COMFY WEAR, there is only one type of cotton - and it is 100% organic or recycled.


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